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Martial Arts Coming to ISA!!

Martial Arts classes are coming to ISA. We will start out with basic Martial Arts for ages 4yrs-17yrs. The classes will be broken up by age group. We will also be offering Family self defense classes. When we open adult memberships, we will add adult martial arts and kick boxing.

There will be a 3 month commitment for the martial arts classes paid monthly with a sign up fee of $35 that will include your martial arts uniform. Pricing for martial arts is a $60/month add on to your normal monthly membership pricing which allows access for up to 2 classes, twice a week, each month.

The instructor will also be available for private and small group classes. He can train in many forms of martial arts, including weapons training.

We are having a Meet the Instructor this Saturday August 5th at 9am at our Facility. Come out and meet him to discuss your options and see what all we will have to offer!

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