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Football Mini-Camp Next Week June 26-28

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

We are offering a free football mini-camp next week for our members. This is for ages 6-12. The purpose of this class is an introduction for the younger kids and a refresher for the older kids. Whether this is their 1st year to play or 7th, there is something to learn for everyone and includes a great work-out to start getting them ready for the up-coming season.

We want to focus not only on fundamentals and footwork but actually discuss football theory. This means that we are going to break the game down for them and help them understand not only their position, but all of the positions learn how to be aware and lay the building blocks of their understanding so that each season they can focus more on learning their plays and becoming familiar with their teammates instead of trying to understand what is going on and feeling lost.

Sign up for the camp!

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