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Advanced Agility Class

We are introducing our Advanced Agility Class. These are intense agility classes meant to push the youth to their limits and then to break those limits and prove to them that they can do better and are stronger and more resilient than they ever thought.

This class will push them physically and mentally. Therefore, this is only recommended to "serious" students whose family understands the difficultly levels and that it might make their child a little emotional. It is structured like a boot camp instructional style.

The age restrictions for this class are 10-17 and will require an additional waiver to be signed. You must be ON TIME, late entries will not be allowed. It is recommended to bring a towel and a bottle of water, but note that water breaks will be limited during this intense 1 hour class.

This class is currently free to ISA members or $15 to non-members

You can sign up for this class below or call the office at 662-802-1370.

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